Why Upper Cervical Chiropractic?


Specific upper cervical chiropractic compares where the skull sits related to the top bone in your neck, called Atlas, and the location of the lower neck related to Atlas. When these relationships are not orthogonal, or perpendicular, it creates stress to your nervous system. It can cause tension on the spinal cord and affect the blood flow and venous drainage. These stressors can manifest in various manners such as neck pain, headaches, low back pain or you may not show any symptoms at all. Each person is unique in his/her response.

Upper Cervical Care assesses a person for a misalignment in the top bones of the neck. If one is found, a gentle adjustment specific for that person is used to correct the misalignment that we refer to as a subluxation. We emphasize stabilizing the area so that a person can HOLD his or her adjustment. The body is able to heal when the person is holding the adjustment because the message system between the brain and the body is not inhibited. The goal at each follow-up visit is not the need to adjust you. This means the body is healing.


Dr. Megan never stops her efforts to make me more comfortable every time I visit her. She is outstanding, and she has magic hands!!

I have been a patient of Dr. Megan Franklin for several months now and I have found her to be very professional as well as personable in her dealings with me. She takes the time that is needed to assure that when I leave her office that I am feeling much better than when I came in. I feel that she is a very intuitive, skilled, and bright young chiropractor and would recommend her highly.